Truly impressed by the great detailing of this Le Corbusier house in The Weissenhof Estate in Stuttgart. 1927 Bauhaus architecture, still very much alive.

New York Design Week

Preparing BoBo’s at our studio for New York Design Week later this month. Looking forward to meet them over there!

Meet our new side table BoBo

Meet side table BoBo! Cuddly, handy and a little bit perky… Inspired by the African Baobab tree with its huge trunk, it defies all laws of correct proportions which makes […]

RKNL goes Manhattan

We are thrilled to announce that RKNL and New York based Designlush have embarked on a collaborative partnership! Designlush was founded as a platform for showcasing the work of artists, […]

Qube Copper

Earlier, we talked about the prototyping of a new room divider. It has been a long road with technical challenges, and therefore we are proud to introduce the Qube! The […]

Coffee table Shou-sugi-ban style

The charcoal version of the Ruban coffee table is blackened with the Shou-Sugi-Ban technique, where wood is burned shortly to create a natural protection. By burning and brushing the oak, […]

Concierge desk Villa Hotel Majestic

Voila! A new conciërge desk for Villa Hôtel Majestic, a cozy 5 star hotel right at the heart of Paris. This hotel courageously combines a classic environment with modern elements […]

Media unit in walnut

This media unit in walnut is the first of 3 new products we will launch this summer. We delivered the first unit this weekend to an happy customer and hope […]

Real Branding

We just finished testing the wood burning stamp with RKNL logo today. As from now, all our wooden products (like the dining table One) will be provided with a burning stamp. […]

Interview Ronald Knol

Today, an interview with Ronald Knol was published in Daysign Magazine. I hope your Spanish is up to date… Ronald talked about his philosophy to ‘think global and act local’, his […]

One in 010

As from this week, dining table One is showed in Toonkamer 010 in Rotterdam, amongst the great designs of Reinier De Jong. Update: the pop-up showroom in Rotterdam is closed. The […]

Blogs become Brands

The online developments are going incredibly fast in the furniture line of business. Whereas the landscape of the furniture business was very clear until a few years ago (producers > […]

3D printed Coffee Table

Witness the first RKNL 3D printed Coffee Table! Developments in 3D printing go extremely fast, and we decided to have a coffee table printed. Scale 1:10. 3D printing can be […]


I have always been inspired by wireframe objects (either art or furniture) that play with 2D and 3D. A good example is ‘The Wheel’ by Jeroen Henneman. The wheel is […]

Room Divider

During the weeks to come you will witness the birth of a new piece of furniture. I want to take you on a journey from the first design to the […]

Dutch Design, Brooklyn Crafted

This fall, RKNL is planting roots in New York City. Resisting the wasteful trend of designing in one place, manufacturing in another and shipping to a third, RKNL has partnered with […]

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