RKNL is actief op Pinterest. Volg ons voor de laatste foto’s en bewaar ze op je borden.  Check hier ons profiel:… Read More


Truly impressed by the great detailing of this Le Corbusier house in The Weissenhof Estate in Stuttgart. 1927 Bauhaus architecture, still very much alive. Read More

New York Design Week

Preparing BoBo’s at our studio for New York Design Week later this month. Looking forward to meet them over there!… Read More

RKNL goes Manhattan

We are thrilled to announce that RKNL and New York based Designlush have embarked on a collaborative partnership! Designlush was founded as a platform for showcasing the work of artists, architects and designers practicing the craft of fine furniture making. It is a leading source for innovative contemporary and modern… Read More

Qube Copper

Earlier, we talked about the prototyping of a new room divider. It has been a long road with technical challenges, and therefore we are proud to introduce the Qube! The piece comes in a combination of oak & copper (see pics), in fully oak or in white lacquer. More info… Read More

Coffee table Shou-sugi-ban style

The charcoal version of the Ruban coffee table is blackened with the Shou-Sugi-Ban technique, where wood is burned shortly to create a natural protection. By burning and brushing the oak, the grain of the oak becomes much deeper. Watch below how we burn the surface… Read More

Concierge desk Villa Hotel Majestic

Voila! A new conciërge desk for Villa Hôtel Majestic, a cozy 5 star hotel right at the heart of Paris. This hotel courageously combines a classic environment with modern elements like the brand new conciërge desk by RKNL. The conciërge desk was inspired by the… Read More

Media unit in walnut

This media unit in walnut is the first of 3 new products we will launch this summer. We delivered the first unit this weekend to an happy customer and hope many more will follow. The detailing of this media console is very sophisticated and are proud of our cabinet-maker who… Read More

Real Branding

We just finished testing the wood burning stamp with RKNL logo today. As from now, all our wooden products (like the dining table One) will be provided with a burning stamp. Each table will be numbered as well to show the unique character of the product. Read More

Interview Ronald Knol

Today, an interview with Ronald Knol was published in Daysign Magazine. I hope your Spanish is up to date… Ronald talked about his philosophy to ‘think global and act local’, his heroes and off course his furniture studio. Nice detail: the coffee table even made it to the cover. Read More

Blogs become Brands

The online developments are going incredibly fast in the furniture line of business. Whereas the landscape of the furniture business was very clear until a few years ago (producers > wholesale > shops), new initiatives are popping up every day. We all know the design blogs. RKNL has been featured… Read More

3D printed Coffee Table

Witness the first RKNL 3D printed Coffee Table! Developments in 3D printing go extremely fast, and we decided to have a coffee table printed. Scale 1:10. 3D printing can be very useful for the development of future prototyping. Overall looks, balance and the ‘personality’ of a piece can be perfectly… Read More

Dutch Design, Brooklyn Crafted

This fall, RKNL is planting roots in New York City. Resisting the wasteful trend of designing in one place, manufacturing in another and shipping to a third, RKNL has partnered with Brooklyn based furniture manufacturer olollo to create and deliver high quality furniture for American design aficionados. Next, some pictures of… Read More