Bloggers become Brands

Ronald Knol

Ronald Knol
Gepubliceerd op: 22 oktober 2013 om 08:00

Bloggers become brands

The online developments are going incredibly fast in the furniture line of business. Whereas the landscape of the furniture business was very clear until a few years ago (producers > wholesale > shops), new initiatives are popping up every day.

We all know the design bloggers. RKNL has been featured quite often on various design blogs, like MocolocoNotcotDesignspotterSwiss-Miss. Design blogs are incredibly popular with followers in their social media section of well over 500K followers (like Design-milk)

Next to this trend, there has been a development of online furniture brands creating exclusive collections and selling it online, like Odesi. They are a furniture brand and shop in one, and have deserved a well established place in the online furniture market. This brand is not to be mixed up with an online shop, which ‘simply’ replace the offline shops, offering standard products, often at very low margins.

These days, we see a new trend popping up: a combination of an online magazine (design blog) and a furniture brand. Blogs become brands. Perfect example of this kind of initiative is Gimmii. Design lovers from origin who want offer their fans the latest design at affordable prices. Who can resist that? RKNL is thrilled to be part of this development and will offer the ONE dining table through the above store from today.