Ecological footprint

Sustainable design is more than just the use of sustainable materials. It’s also about where the furniture is made and how long the designs last. These factors are the basis for making the ecological footprint of furniture as small as possible.

Make your furniture green

However, despite the above principles, the making and delivery of furniture has an ecological impact. That’s why we want to go the extra mile and plant a tree on your behalf through Life Terra with every purchase. 

Planting trees helps reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere because trees absorb CO2 from the air as they grow and store it in their leaves.

Therefore, planting trees can be used as a way to offset CO2 emissions. Moreover, planting trees fits in perfectly with our activity because the furniture is made of wood (products).

With our project ‘Make your furniture green’ you will more than compensate for your purchase. If you look at the production of the materials, the construction of the furniture and the delivery, the CO2 emissions of your furniture are equivalent to more than one year of CO2 absorption of an adult tree. Assuming a tree’s lifespan is 35 years, you offset the emissions approximately 30 times. 

The good thing about Life Terra is that you can use your certificate to see where your tree was planted. Given our philosophy of regional production, we have indicated that we prefer planting in the Netherlands.

Of course, compensating for the ecological photo print is no reason to stop looking for improvements. That is why we continue to look at ways to minimize the impact during production and delivery.