Bobo collectie

BoBo – Side table

The BoBo Side Table does not follow the conventional rules… It is cuddly, handy and a little bit perky. In short, the BoBo is a piece of furniture with a distinct character, exactly the way I like to design them.

The idea for this occasional table was inspired by the African Baobab tree. This tree with its wide trunk and fragile branches defies all laws of correct proportions, which makes it one of a kind in nature.

The BoBo is expressing the same. Perky and unique. Is it a side table anyway? It sure is handy though, since the 3 plateaus offer room for cups, mobile phone, iPad, remote control or even an old school book…

Every now and then you want to move a side table to position it next to the couch or to add it when you have visitors. Therefore, BoBo is delivered with a felt ring. If you have a hard flooring you can stick this felt under the side table. If you have a soft flooring you can leave it off course.


BoBo has its own website where you can configure your favorite BoBo:
Also, all versions and pricing is indicated.