About RKNL
“ A good design has soul. I strive to create pieces that are beautiful yet inviting. Furniture you can’t help but touch. ”

Complexity wrapped in simplicity

Founded by designer Ronald Knol, RKNL creates furniture for the RKNL collection and other brands. Distinguished by soft edges and clean lines, RKNL furniture is refined to the millimeter, striking a balance between simplicity and grace.

As the designer of RKNL, Knol combines a minimalist sensibility with world architectural influences to create timeless furniture. By emphasizing function over form, RKNL creates pieces that are balanced, charismatic and functional—designs that fit into your life, weathering daily stresses with humility and strength.

Pure design is complexity wrapped in simplicity. Just as rounding eliminates a corner, our restrained design process removes unnecessary noise to expose the soul of a product. With nothing in the design to mask imbalances or imperfections, we rely on traditional craftsmanship techniques and sustainable materials to bring integrity and value to our work.

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Staalkade 6 sous
1011 JN  Amsterdam
The Netherlands
+31 20 774 89 30